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Invest in Belgium

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium and Europe, but it is also one of the three regions - along with Flanders and Wallonia - that together make up the federal state of Belgium. The regions enjoy powers and responsibilities in many areas, including the economy, employment, energy and scientific research.

Alongside the federal government's fiscal measures, Brussels supports business through incentives, auxiliary measures and premiums. It also provides support for recruitment, training, logistics and research and development. If you wish to invest or set up a business in Brussels, then visit to learn more about all the available opportunities.

Brussels has a population of approximately 1 million and covers 162 km². The region is home to 54,000 businesses, mostly SMEs and international companies. The region is officially bilingual (French and Dutch) but in practice, the city of Brussels is one of the most cosmopolitan in Europe and lies at the crossroads between the Germanic, Latin and Anglo-Saxon cultures.

The economic heart of Europe

As home to headquarters of all the main EU institutions, Brussels has become a key decision-making centre and a hotbed of economic activity. Some 13,000 lobbyists are active in the city, ranking it second only behind Washington DC in terms of sheer numbers of interest groups and NGOs.

Its location at the heart of the European rail network means that Brussels is just 1 hour 20 minutes from Paris and 1 hour 51 minutes from London by train. But compared to those cities, Brussels has managed to retain a highly competitive real estate market and it is certainly no coincidence that so many multinational companies have already chosen to set up their respective European headquarters in the city.