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Posting workers to Belgium

Posting enables employers to send their staff abroad to work for a limited period of time (in principle, 12 months). The relationship between the employer and the posted worker is maintained for the duration of the posting.  A foreign employer may thus post workers to Belgium provided that the working conditions in force in Belgium are respected.

More info on posting workers to Belgium, on the site of the Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue


The rules for posting workers have been established in a European directive (the Directive 96/71/EC), which has been transposed into Belgian law.

More info on the European directive concerning the posting of workers on the European Union portal.

Social security of posted workers

In the event of posting, a salaried worker continues to be subject to the social security scheme of the country in which he is normally employed.  At the same time he is exempted from the scheme in the host country.

More info on the Social Security aspects of posting, on the Social Security portal.


The foreign employer who wishes to post one of his employees in Belgium must submit a compulsory electronic declaration known as the Limosa declaration.

More info on the compulsory Limosa declaration, on the Social Security portal

Contact point in Belgium

The Belgian liaison office provides a first point of contact for a foreign employer who wishes to post workers to Belgium. It provides information for employers and posted workers on questions of employment law and points them towards the appropriate services. It is also responsible for monitoring the employment conditions of posted of workers.