Filing card Belgium

Population 11.267.910 inhabitants (2016) source 1
Surface area 30.528 km2 source 2
Federal capital Brussels  
Head of State King Philippe  
Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès  
National Day 21 July  
National languages Dutch, French and German  
Currency the euro (EUR)  
Gross domestic product 402 billions of EUR
source 3
Average annual growth rate 1,7 % (between 1992 and 2014) source 3
Time zone GMT + 1 hour  
Summer time, from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October GMT + 2 hours  
Weights and measures metric system  
Domestic electricity 220-230 volts  
Population density 363 inhabitants per km2 (2015) source 1
Maximum distance between two points 280 kms  
Geographical centre Nil-Saint-Vincent  
Peak Signal de Botrange (694m)  
Average temperature 9,8º Celsius source 4
Precipitation (annual average) 780 mm source 4
Sunshine (annual average) 1.555 hours source 4


Source 1 : Direction générale statistique, Statistiques démographiques
Source 2 : SPF Finances (Cadastre), Institut géographique national (IGN), Institut royal des sciences naturelles de Belgique (IRSNB)
Source 3 : SPF Economie, Institut des comptes nationaux
Source 4 : Normal values according to the Institut royal météorologique de Belgique (IRM)