The powers of the communes

The powers of the communes are very extensive and cover everything that is in the "communal interest", in other words the collective needs of the inhabitants. In theory, a commune can do anything that it is not prohibited from doing, ranging from building a sports centre to road-building.

The communes have powers relating to public works, social welfare, maintaining public order, housing, education, etc.

In its plans, it is naturally subject to the supervision of the higher authorities, specifically the Federal State, the Communities, the Regions and the provinces.

The communes must also perform the tasks imposed on them by higher authorities.

They are mainly charged with the police forces, maintaining the registers of births, deaths and marriages, plus the registers of the population. The Mayor is the head of the local police in performing administrative police tasks.

It is also at communal level that the Public Centre for Social Assistance operates, providing social services.

You can find more information about this from the cities and communes.



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