Policy-making bodies and secretariats

As a result of the Copernicus reforms of the government, the 'cabinet', meaning the immediate staff of a member of the government, was replaced by a secretariat and cells, which together form the policy-making bodies of the member of the government. The policy-making bodies are political in nature and are not part of the federal government administration.

A policy-making body comprises different cells, depending on the position that the member occupies in the government.

The General Policy Coordination Cell and the General Policy Cell

The General Policy Coordination Cell and the General Policy Cell comprise advisors and staff of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively. They are charged with the coordination, preparation and evaluation of government policy. These cells closely monitor the policies that the various ministers pursue through the so-called Policy Coordination Working Groups (formerly 'Inter-cabinet Working Groups').


Policy Cell

The Policy Cell comprises advisors who work out proposals in close consultation with the policy implementation agencies for which the minister is responsible.


The Secretariat reports directly to the minister. It comprises spokespersons, senior staff, the personal secretary and executive personnel.

The composition of the policy-making bodies and secretariats of the members of government is available in French and Dutch via the page of the member of government.


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