French Community

Gradual return to school to continue in Belgium

At its meeting on Wednesday, 27 May, the Consultation Committee agreed – based on a proposal by the education ministers and a recommendation by the Exit Strategy Expert Group (GEES) – on the next steps in ensuring that Belgian schoolchildren can return to school. It will be recalled that during the second phase of the easing of the lockdown, the decision was taken to gradually resume lessons for preschool, primary and secondary pupils. Children's development is a priority for the authorities.

Coronavirus: reinforced measures

On Tuesday 17 March, the National Security Council, which has been expanded to include the Ministers-President, decided to take additional measures. On the one hand, these measures are based on the evolution of the spread of Covid-19 in Belgium. On the other hand, they are the result of new conclusions and recommendations of CELEVAL (Evaluation Cell) that were formulated yesterday and this morning.

Coronavirus: phase 2 maintained, transition to federal phase and additional measures

As announced on March 10, the evolution of the spread of the coronavirus is assessed every day, as the situation is constantly changing. In light of the most recent developments, the National Security Council met on Thursday 12 March in the presence of and in consultation with the Ministers-President. This meeting of the NSC followed on from the meetings of the expert groups, namely the Risk Assessment Group and the Risk Management Group.


Belgium consists of three regions with policies adapted to each region.

Flora in Flanders

Flanders is a densely populated, dynamic region with a very fragmented landscape. For this reason, wildlife is under immense pressure. Approximately half of its plants and animals are on the 'Red List' (in Dutch), an inventory of endangered species, that includes the Red List of higher plants and the Red List of mushrooms.

The French Community (named Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles)

The French Community exercises its powers in the Walloon provinces (except the German-speaking communes) and in Brussels.

In the French Community, the legislative power is exercised by a Parliament and a Government. The legislative assembly - the Parliament of the French Community - consists of 94 members: the 75 elected representatives of the Walloon Parliament and 19 French-speaking elected representatives of the Parliament of Brussels-Capital Region.

Equivalence of diplomas

An equivalence statement is a document which expresses the value of the studies you have undertaken abroad.

Primary and secondary education primary and secondary education

In the case of a diploma of primary or secondary education, you will be asked for an equivalence statement if:

  • You wish to pursue secondary education in Belgium.
  • You wish to pursue higher education.
  • You wish to take training.
  • You wish to work or to set up as a self-employed person.