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Professional qualifications

The National Assistance Centre for Professional Qualifications (NACPQ), commonly referred to as Be-Assist, can provide assistance with:

  • Information on the regulated professions and their specific access conditions in Belgium;
  • The steps to be taken to be allowed to exercise a regulated profession in Belgium based on professional qualifications obtained in another Member State;
  • Necessary guidance or support if problems occur in a recognition process.

For more detailed information on a specific profession, or for the recognition procedure itself, Be-Assist will redirect applicants to the competent authorities for the profession in question.
For the sake of completeness, Be-Assist cannot itself issue any document proving the recognition of professional qualifications. Be-Assist does not take any decision itself, as this falls exclusively within the competence of the aforementioned competent authorities.


More information about professional qualifications Ask a question about professional qualifications


Do you have a question about obtaining diploma equivalence decisions?
If you wish to obtain the equivalence of a diploma (issued outside the European Economic Area in order to gain access to a regulated profession in Belgium), you have to contact the Flemish, French or German-speaking Community.

Do you have a question about information regarding training and education in Belgium?
Information about the training courses available in Belgium is available from the Flemish, French and German-speaking Community.


Product specifications

Product Contact Point (PCP)

The Product Contact Point (PCP) can provide assistance with:

  • Reference to European and Belgian regulations regarding the sale of your product;
  • Information on whether Belgian law requires prior authorisation for these goods or types of goods.

More information about the Product Contact Point Ask a question about product specifications

Product Contact Point for Construction(PCPC)

The Product Contact Point for Construction (PCPC) can provide assistance with:

  1. Information about the Belgian provisions for your construction product, as included in a harmonised technical specification. These are the performances that must be declared in the context of the essential characteristics intended to meet the essential requirements for construction works

More information about the Product Contact Point for Construction Ask a question about product specifications


The Point of Single Contact can provide assistance with:

  • Exploring business opportunities or expanding services to Belgium;
  • Setting up a new business in Belgium;
  • Applicable rules and formalities in Belgium;
  • Completing administrative procedures in Belgium

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Cross-border employment

The European Network of Employment Services (EURES) can provide assistance with:

  • Information on job opportunities as well as living and working conditions in Belgium (e.g. I’m an accountant from another EU Member State. Are there open vacancies for my profession in Belgium?);
  • Assistance for job placements and recruitment across borders (e.g. Our organisation would like to recruit people in Belgium. How can we get support to spread our vacancy?).

More information about the EURES network  Ask a question about cross-border employment

Cross-border healthcare

EU citizens have the right to healthcare in any EU country and to reimbursement of the costs of healthcare in any EU country, subject to certain conditions.

The National Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare can provide assistance with:

  • Information on the Belgian and European healthcare system
  • Scheduled and unscheduled healthcare in Belgium and abroad (e.g. How will I get treatment as an EU citizen in another EU Member State?)

More information about cross-border healthcare  Ask a question about cross-border healthcare

 Do you have a question about national healthcare?

You can find more information on the website of FPS Public Health and NIHDI.


Online consumer disputes

The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR platform) contact point can provide information and assistance with online disputes between consumers and traders in Europe, including:

  • Explaining the use of the Online Dispute Resolution platform to consumers, traders and alternative dispute resolution bodies;
  • Assisting with a Request for Direct talk with a trader based in the EU or with a Dispute to a recognised body that can deliver a solution or decision without the intervention of the courts;
  • Providing information on consumer rights in Europe.

More information about the ODR platform Ask a question about online consumer disputes


Other requests?

If you have a question or a problem related to another domain, click on one of the links below to find and contact the competent services of the Belgian federal and regional authorities:


The Belgian assistance and problem-solving services were established as part of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation (2018/1724).

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