Not satisfied with the service provided by a federal public service?

If you are not satisfied with the service you received, you can file a complaint with the complaints department of the relevant federal public service. The complaints department will send you a confirmation with a unique complaint number and will respond to your complaint, suggest a solution or rectify the error within a given timeframe.

How to file a complaint?

Below you will find a list of the complaints departments of the federal public services and federal public planning services, public social security institutions, public interest bodies and scientific and cultural institutions (French or Dutch).

Do you have a complaint about a community or region? Below you will find a list of the complaints departments of the communities or regions.

Who can file a complaint?

Any person, company or organisation that has used the services provided by a public service can file a complaint.

What types of complaint can be filed?

You can file a complaint about any federal matters, such as taxation, social benefits, invoices, car registration, pensions, justice, and so on.
The subject of your complaint may be:

  • the service or product provided: e.g. a mistake in calculations, delivery of the wrong product;
  • the implementation of a service: e.g. a reply not received in good time, a payment not made promptly;
  • the way a service is provided: e.g. unfriendly reception, accessibility
  • the application of legislation.

Your complaint must relate to matters falling within the remit of the public service in question.

What types of complaint are not accepted?

  • Anonymous complaints;
  • complaints about events that took place a long time ago;
  • complaints about the powers of other bodies: municipalities, regions, and so on;
  • requests for additional information.

If you would like information about the services provided, you should contact the relevant public service directly or refer to the contact person mentioned on the website.

What happens once you have filed a complaint?

The complaints manager will send you proof of receipt and a unique complaint number and will notify you of how long it will take to handle your complaint. The relevant public service will look into your complaint and reply through the complaints manager. You will then receive an answer with explanations, a correction or a solution to your problem.

Every public service evaluates the complaints it has received each year and uses this evaluation as a basis for improving its services with a view to avoiding similar complaints in future.

Please note that filing a complaint is not the same as lodging an appeal. If you would like to have an administrative decision repealed, you must lodge an appeal with the relevant court. The available appeal channels are always mentioned on the notice of an administrative decision. Filing a complaint does not alter the deadline for lodging an appeal.