Social security scheme of self-employed persons

A self-employed person is entitled to social basic protection. For this, he or she must join a social insurance fund, to which he/she pays contributions. These contributions are determined based on the income and provide access to, among others:Your Europe Logo 

  • health and disability insurance
  • child benefit
  • pension
  • droit passerelle (rights in case of bankruptcy)
  • maternity insurance
  • industrial disability insurance
  • volunteer care benefits

All the information about the social security scheme of self-employed persons is available on the website of the FPS Economy. On the website, you will also find which steps you need to take when establishing a company  and hiring staff (fr).

A self-employed person is able to expand his/her, and his/her family's, social protection by taking out extra insurance policies, for instance.

The National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE) safeguards the social security scheme of self-employed entrepreneurs - from the establishment of their business until after their retirement - and this contributes to their social and economic health and safety.

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Updated on 30 November 2020

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