Biodiversity and business

Biodiversity refers to the wide range of animals and plants, their habitat and genetics. It provides society with a range of ecosystem services which are essential for human activity, including food, drinking water, pollination and flood protection.

However, biodiversity is threatened. With a growing global population and consumption, biodiversity is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. This loss of biodiversity has significant social and economic repercussions, including for the viability of certain businesses.

Preserving biodiversity is a major challenge which concerns us all. Many businesses are not yet fully aware of the extent of their dependence, or impact, on biodiversity and ecosystem services, but it concerns all sectors of activity. This impact and dependency needs to be identified and evaluated throughout the value chain by businesses, so that they can identify and implement effective measures to reduce both aspects.

Biodiversity and its preservation can also present opportunities for businesses: new products and processes, access to biological and genetic resources, the creation of new green jobs, etc. Finally, through responsible consumption choices, citizens can also help preserve biodiversity.

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