Equivalence of diplomas

An equivalence statement is a document which expresses the value of the studies you have undertaken abroad.

Primary and secondary education primary and secondary education

In the case of a diploma of primary or secondary education, you will be asked for an equivalence statement if:

  • You wish to pursue secondary education in Belgium.
  • You wish to pursue higher education.
  • You wish to take training.
  • You wish to work or to set up as a self-employed person.


  • No equivalence statement is necessary for qualifications delivered by a school providing a Belgian programme abroad.
  • Qualifications obtained in the French, Flemish, or German-speaking communities are automatically recognized as mutually equivalent.

For further information or to apply for an equivalence statement:

In the French Community:

In the Flemish Community:

In the German-Speaking Community:


Higher education

You have obtained a certificate of higher education abroad.  Would you like to work or to register with a Belgian university or college in order to complete your education?

The NARIC Centres (National Academic Recognition and Information centres), created at the initiative of the European committee, provide information about a study in the countries of the European Union.  These centres work with the European ENIC network (European Network of National Information Centres) established by the Council of Europe and UNESCO. There is a national centre for each country

NARIC Centre of the French Community (in French)
NARIC Centre of the Flemish Community

Conditions of admission to higher education in the Flemish Community for holders of a foreign qualification (in Dutch).