Civil status registers

Civil status registersYour Europe

Civil status records are kept up to date in civil registers:

  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • recognition certificates
  • death certificates
  • adoption certificates
  • certificate of Belgian nationality
  • certificate of absence
  • change of name certificate
  • annulment certificate
  • certificate of a stillborn child
  • certificate of prenatal recognition
  • declaration of choice of name
  • certificate of change of forename
  • change of sex registration

Population registers

Population registers are the results of the census, which takes place every ten years. The registers record all changes within a family over a ten-year period.

These registers are unique documents. They can only be found in local archives. 

Information on a population register can only be obtained from extracts or certificates. The population department of the municipality where the person is registered, on the basis of their main residence, issues these documents. Population registers cannot be consulted directly.

Obtaining information from the population registers about yourself

As long as the information requested concerns you, you can always request, orally or in writing, an extract or certificate. When making the request, you will need to show your identity card. For certain documents, you will have to pay a local tax, varying per municipality.

Requesting information from the population registers about someone else 

Any person or institution may receive an extract or certificate from a population register concerning another person. To do so, you must submit a written and signed request to the Population Department of the municipal administration. 
This is only possible when the document is required for the execution or continuation of a procedure determined by law.

Specifically, this may involve

  • relations between creditor and debtor 
  • a summons to appear in court 
  • foreclosures
  • claims 

For such a request, you must mention the specific legal provision. The Population Department will check whether the legal provisions apply and whether the nature of the information requested corresponds. Depending on the results of its enquiries, the Population Service may or may not issue the information.

For certain documents, you will have to pay a local tax, varying per municipality.

National Register of Natural Persons

The National Register of Natural Persons is a computerised system containing all the identification data and addresses of people entered in the municipal population register. The consular registers of Belgians living abroad are also kept in the national register.

For more information, consult your local authority's Population Department or the FPS Home Affairs website (FR).

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