Matrimonial property regimes


logo Your EuropeMarriage has consequences for the property of the spouses. The latter may make arrangements for their income and property. They have the choice of whether or not to develop a regime for their own goods.
The three most common regimes are:

  • the statutory regime
  • the separation of property regime
  • the universal community regime

Here are the basic possibilities for settling the issue of property in marriage. Other regimes exist, and there is also the possibility of concluding a marriage contract. To decide on a matrimonial property regime or have a marriage contract drawn up, contact a notary.

If the spouses do not opt for a specific regime or do not have a marriage contract drawn up, they automatically fall under the statutory regime. During the marriage, the spouses may change their matrimonial property regime by notary.

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Updated on 23 october 2023

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