Land use planning

logo Your EuropeRules relating to land use and town planning are relatively complex and are regularly amended. What is more, as jurisdiction over

it is regionalised, each region has its own codes and rules.

Does the home that I want to buy have planning permission?

Any home which does not meet the town planning rules laid down by the municipality or region concerned may face serious consequences. It is therefore up to the prospective buyer to know whether (correct and valid) planning permission has been granted for the home in question. This may, for example, prevent the buyer from subsequently being compelled to demolish part of their home. Details of planning permission and any summons for a breach of planning regulations are published and are available on request from the municipality where the property is located. A notary can also help you with this.

Pre-emptive rights

Various rules accord certain public authorities and organisations a ‘pre-emptive right’ in defined areas. When a property (a home or a parcel of land for development) is subject to a pre-emptive right, the public services have priority over any other buyer in buying that property. This procedure makes it easier for public services to buy properties which, for example, they need to manage their social housing or to extend green areas. You can contact the town planning service for the municipality concerned or a notary to find out whether a home is subject to any pre-emptive right.
More information is available on pre-emptive rights in the Flemish Region on the websites.

Updated on 23 march 2022



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