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Humanitarian aid for victims of the flooding in Pakistan

After consultation with the authorities in Pakistan, the Belgian minister for development cooperation has decided to free up €500,000 for humanitarian aid for the victims of the flooding in Pakistan. Belgian Development Cooperation has contacted the UN agencies on the ground to pinpoint the most pressing needs.

So far, according to the United Nations, more than 4 million people have been affected by the floods in Pakistan, the worst to hit the country for 80 years. But that figure is only provisional: the situation could get even worse, since the rainy season in the region usually only finishes by the end of August.

This humanitarian disaster is posing tremendous challenges with respect to ensuring access to drinking water, food and medicine. Accordingly, doctors fear the outbreak of epidemics in the country.

The aid provided by Belgian Development Cooperation is being provided in addition to the €4.1 million awarded to Pakistan at the beginning of the year. Those previously committed funds have already enabled the provision of food aid to more than 3 million people and of accommodation and other basic services to around 800,000 displaced persons rendered homeless through conflict.