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Key figures Belgium 2011

The brochure "Key figures 2011 (Statistical overview of Belgium)" provides an overview of all relevant data available within the FPS Economy’s Directorate-General for Statistics and Economic Information (Statistics Belgium). The brochure contains statistics on a range of subjects including climate, population, society, economy, finance, agriculture, industry, transport, services and the information society. "Key figures 2011" is now available in English.

Here are just a few of the statistics contained in the brochure:

  • Belgium is the tenth most populated country in the European Union and Belgians represent 1/47th of the European population.
  • Belgium covers a land area of 30,528 km² plus a maritime area of 3,462 km² in the North Sea. Agricultural land covers most of the land area, followed by wooded land and finally built-up land.
  • The Belgian economy is a service economy. The weight of the tertiary sector (services) is increasing and represented nearly 70 % of the GDP generated in Belgium in 2010.
  • At the end of 2010, there were nearly 769,000 enterprises liable for VAT in Belgium.
  • Over 184,000 people had a second job in 2010. That is nearly 9,000 more than in 2009 and nearly 28,000 more than in 2004.
  • In 2010, graduates from higher education represented 27 % of the Belgian population aged 15 and over, compared to only 14 % in 1990.
  • In 2010, a regular house cost on average €180,877.
  • There were almost 6.9 million vehicles on Belgium’s roads in mid-2011.

You can download the brochure "Key figures 2011" (PDF - 62 p. – 23,3 MB) from the website

In addition to this brochure, other statistical information and press releases in English are available on the Statistics Belgium website.