2015 a record year for wine-making in Belgium

In 10 years, the production of wine in our country has increased five-fold. Specifically, Belgian wine production once again rose by 46% in 2015, and in total over a million litres of wine were produced during that year. Sparkling wines in particular achieved some very impressive numbers.

This remarkable result is mainly due to the favourable weather conditions, the constant increase in the total surface area of the vineyards and to the vines reaching an age that allows optimum production. The cool nature of the Belgian climate also lends itself to the production of sparkling wine.

The data for crop year 2015 are provisional because the certification procedure has not yet been finalised. Nevertheless, the statistics show that in 2015 the production of wine amounted to 1,025,499 litres. White wine makes up 37% of total production and red wine comes in at 12%, while rosé wine only represents a small percentage of production (5%). Sparkling wine, on the other hand, accounts for 46% of total production. Finally, 103 wine-makers were identified in 2015.

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