Annual report 2015 of the Belgian Development Cooperation

The annual report 2015 of the Belgian Development Cooperation has been published. In 2015, the Belgian Development Cooperation put its weight behind a number of major reforms, such as the new universal development agenda for reducing poverty and promoting sustainable economic and social development or the so-called Sustainable Development Goals. More than ever, Belgium is focusing on the least developed countries and fragile states (with two new partner countries, i.e. Burkina Faso and Guinea). The emphasis here is on a rights-based approach, but the Cooperation also relies on the dynamics that can be created with the private sector (preferably with BIO, the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries) and the digital revolution.

The relations with the multilateral partner organisations and the collaboration with NGOs, universities, federal scientific institutions, etc. have been reviewed. The Cooperation endeavours to use digitalization as a lever for development. The battle against climate change continues to be a priority for Belgium. Due to numerous crises around the world, humanitarian aid is becoming more important. Last but not least, the reform of the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) was launched.

Annual reports in Belgium are a legal obligation of annual account, in order to introduce all the activities and results of federal institutions from the past year to the federal parliament.

Read the annual report 2015 of the Belgian Development Cooperation (available in English, French, Dutch and Spanish).