Fireworks aren’t toys!

As the year-end festivities get nearer, fireworks will once again become available in shops, and like many other people you might be planning to buy some to set them off. However, please be careful, because fireworks aren’t toys, they’re explosives. Also, make sure you buy high-quality products from a reputable dealer.

First and foremost, stay safe! To help you do so, the FPS Economy has published a brochure entitled “Ne gâchez pas votre fête - Utilisez les artifices en toute sécurité!” (in French)/“Verpest uw feest niet - Gebruik uw vuurwerk veilig!” (in Dutch)/“Verdirb Ihre Fest nicht - Gebrauchen Sie legales Feuerwerk sicher!” (in German) [Don’t ruin your party - Use fireworks safely!].

On the FPS Economy website you will also find a large number of tips on purchasing fireworks (page available in French or Dutch), including via the internet, as well as on how to use these products properly (page also available in French or Dutch).