How can you prevent invoicing fraud?

Each year, hundreds of companies and consumers fall victim to invoicing fraud. A classic example of this is when crooks change the beneficiary’s account number on the invoice and the customer then credits this fraudulent account without noticing. To combat this phenomenon, the Belgian government is organising a preventive campaign aimed at informing consumers and helping them to avoid becoming a victim.

In many cases, crooks intercept invoices while they are in the postal system, so for example when they are in a bpost letterbox. However, this can also happen in companies’ mail rooms or even in people’s homes. Another way criminals work is by hacking into a supplier’s IT system and changing the account number on invoices sent by email.

The government, business and consumer associations and bpost are joining forces to combat invoicing fraud. Together they are launching a preventive campaign entitled “How can you prevent invoicing fraud?” and are providing some simple but very useful tips to avoid becoming a victim.

Detailed information, tips and assistance for victims are available on the campaign’s website.