85 % of Belgians want urgent action on climate change

The Climate Change department of the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment has published the results of the fourth National Climate Survey. It shows that an increasing number of Belgians (85 %) considers climate change as a problem that requires urgent action. They are in a favour of a gradual shift to a low-carbon economy and society, and expect greater efforts from the government to tackle climate change.

A selection of the most important other observations:

  • The environment remains the biggest concern for a large majority of respondents (81%).
  • The respondents still believe that others are more responsible for the environment than themselves, and primarily blame industry (91%), freight transport (83 %) and people transport (63%).
  • 47% state that in future elections they will ‘definitely take into account’ standpoints on climate.
  • 70% believe that Europe must take a leading role in terms of climate policy.
  • Measures that require an extra financial contribution from citizens (a tax on petrol/diesel, electricity, gas or plane tickets) still have relatively little support (between 34% and 41%). Nevertheless, a large increase in the number of advocates for such measures can be observed.
  • There seems to be increasing support for international climate solidarity:  the percentage of respondents that want industrialised countries to give financial support to developing countries has climbed from 36% to 43%.

A full overview of the most important observations from the report, as well as the report from the National Climate Survey itself, can be found on the website klimaat.be (available in Dutch and French).