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Federal Bee Plan 2017-2019: results from the public consultation

From 6 March to 4 May 2017, FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment organised an open consultation about the Federal Bee Plan 2017-2019.

In total, 18 people responded to the consultation, of whom 7 as members of an institution/association/NGO.

Many responses expressed disappointment that few actions are being taken for wild pollinators, in order to improve the habitats of wild bees, and to deal with this issue in spatial planning or the agricultural policy generally, and in particular the 'ecological focus areas'. This is related to the powers of the regions. In any case, the regions are implementing various actions to benefit bees. During the colloquium (Dutch or French) ‘Who does what for the bees?” on 15 May, the various governments discussed their actions and powers.

Various people praised the investment into research to better understand the factors behind the declining bee population and to find solutions. However, some respondents questioned the necessity of the research, as they considered that the most important factors are already known.
Every comment was provided with clarification.

The final plan for the period 2017-2019 was approved by the Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, the Minister of Small Businesses, Self-Employment, S.M.E.s, Agriculture and Social Integration, and the Minister of Public Health.

You can find more information on (Dutch or French)