My Enterprise: cutting the red tape and lowering the burden on entrepreneurs

From now on, entrepreneurs and the self-employed are able to manage their official corporate details wherever and whenever they want, free of charge. The FPS Economy has developed My Enterprise, which can be used with your PC, tablet or smartphone. You only need your electronic ID card and a card reader or a token.

My Enterprise can be consulted at and provides entrepreneurs and the self-employed with immediate access to their corporate details in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (BCE/KBO). Now you only need to change your details in the Crossroads Bank for all government departments and users of the Crossroads Bank to have the most recent information: contact details, bank accounts, company mandates, address, name, activities, etc.

Some information cannot be changed by the entrepreneur, but with My Enterprise you immediately know which Department to contact to make the change. This information includes the name of the company, the registered office, the activity and the entrepreneurial capacities.

Incidentally, much of the information in the Crossroads Bank is public. Anyone can find information about locations, activities and contact details. This way, potential customers can verify whether a company is properly registered and companies can check their suppliers via the Crossroads Bank. This is another reason why it is important for companies to ensure that their particulars are accurate and up to date in My Enterprise.