Determine brexit’s impact on your business using the Brexit Impact Scan

Brexit has major consequences and can also affect your company, so it’s best to be prepared. The FPS Economy’s new website (fr-nl) helps you to map all this out.

On 29 March 2019, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. This means that it will leave the internal market and the customs union. After brexit, the United Kingdom will be outside the EU and will be subject to different trade agreements. Examples include customs checks, procedures for the import and export of products or quality requirements.

The United Kingdom is Belgium's fourth largest trading partner after Germany, France and the Netherlands. The automotive, chemical and food industries as well as the machinery and equipment manufacturing industries are the greatest exporters to the United Kingdom.

Brexit clearly has major economic repercussions for our country. But how will it impact your business specifically? Using the FPS Economy's Brexit Impact Scan (fr-nl), you can find out which priorities you need to set and what measures you can already take to prepare your company for brexit. Based on a number of questions, the scan determines brexit’s overall impact on your company. The questions relate to import, export, intellectual property, use of digital services, transport and suppliers.

You can find the scan and an overview of all available information on the website (fr-nl).