Brexit: centralised information on the impact at the Belgian federal level

Brexit is fast approaching, and the United Kingdom will officially leave the European Union on 31 January 2019. To date, however, no Brexit agreement has been approved by both the United Kingdom and the EU. While a withdrawal agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom was reached on 17 October 2019, it has yet to be approved and ratified. For this reason, Belgium is preparing for all possible scenarios.

In this connection, a central Brexit page has been created to familiarise you as a citizen or company with the consequences and implications of Brexit. There you will find, among other things, a general explanation of the situation involving Brexit, information for British citizens in Belgium and Belgian citizens in the United Kingdom, information for businesses, useful links, etc. In other words, the Brexit portal provides a simple overview of everything you need to know about the possible impact of Brexit at the Belgian federal level. It also tells you where you can go for more information and where you can find answers to specific questions in this context.

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