Your rights as a traveller in the European Union

Went skiing in Austria, on a city trip to Warsaw or did you travel to another EU country? In this case, it is useful to know your rights as a European citizen.

For example, you are entitled to:

  • compensation for a flight that experiences a long delay or is cancelled
  • reimbursement or compensation for a train that is delayed more than one hour
  • accommodation if you have to spend the night somewhere because of a delay
  • compensation in the event of loss or damage to luggage at sea
  • etc.
    ⮡  more information is available on the rights of passengers travelling by air, train, bus, coach or boat

Are you also wondering what you can take with you when traveling within or outside the EU? Do you have concerns in your capacity as a passenger with a disability? Or would you perhaps like to know more about the travel documents required in Europe?

Your Europe gives you the information you need before, during and after your trip.