Your Europe: your rights, obligations and administrative procedures in all EU countries

There are so many opportunities for you in the EU's single market! You can study, work, retire or expand your business. However, administrative procedures in another EU country can sometimes appear complex and daunting.

Your Europe is a trusted online portal where you can access all the necessary information on your rights and obligations in the EU and avoid inconveniences and red tape.

It is the best place to start searching for the information you need for your personal and professional endeavours in the EU. You will find answers to essential questions such as:

• Should I register my residence abroad?

• How do I get my professional qualifications recognised?

• Is my health insurance from home going to cover me abroad?

• Where should I pay income tax?

• Can my family join me in my host country?

Your Europe helps EU citizens access information on their rights and obligations, identify applicable administrative procedures and complete them.