Changes to the road safety code: more road safety for active road users

From 1 October 2022, new changes to the road safety code will enter into force. The new traffic rules aim to improve the safety of users of active and/or sustainable means of transport.

The changes relate the following three topics:

  • More safety for cyclists

Due to the more limited visibility of velomobiles and recumbent bikes, drivers of these vehicles now have the choice between the bicycle path and the road, where the speed is limited to 50 km/h.  In addition, cyclists are allowed to use small flags or reflective strips to increase their visibility in traffic.

  • New layout of the public road

If road authorities deem it desirable, a central lane can now  be created with lateral lanes reserved for more vulnerable road users. Motorists have to drive in the central lane at an appropriate speed.

  • New parking rules for electric vehicles

The parking rules for electric vehicles have been clarified. A vehicle parked in a spot that is provided for charging must be connected to the charging station. Parking is limited to the duration of charging. In addition, a vehicle that is being charged is considered to be a parked vehicle. The driver must then comply with the normal parking rules.

Read more about the new traffic rules on the website of FPS Mobility and Transport (fr).