Jobs and training

Looking for a job

 The placement of jobseekers is organised by regional public services:

  • FOREM (in French) in the Walloon Region
  • Actiris (in French or in Dutch) in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • VDAB (in English) in the Flemish Region

These services will help you to raise your profile in the labour market and to receive aid towards finding a job.


Vocational placement and vocational training are organised by regional or Community organisations.  These public services can give you information about all the types of training which are available to you.  The following are the public services operating in each region:

  • FOREM (in French) in Wallonia
  • Bruxelles Formation (in French) is responsible for the vocational training of French speakers in the Brussels-Capital Region. The VDAB (in Dutch) provides services for Dutch speakers living in Brussels.
  • VDAB (in Dutch) in Flanders