Register on the federal portal

What can you do?

As soon as your identity has been verified, you can:

View and amend your contact details: e-mail address, telephone number, preferred language
Request a means of authentication (e.g. federal token)
Change your login details: user name, password
Block the use of your login details if you suspect they are being used fraudulently (e.g. theft of your eID /E+ /Kids-ID)


Identify yourself by means of:

• either your eID /E+ /Kids-ID
• or your federal token then follow the instructions on the screen.

Already registered ?


You can only make use of numerous online e-gov services once your identity has been confirmed. In order to authenticate yourself for these services, you must first register on this portal. Once you have registered, you can access all the abovementioned management functions.


Identify yourself by means of your eID /E+ /Kids-ID then follow the instructions on the screen.

Not yet registered ?

Follow this link and register:

  • Either with your eID / E+ / Kids-ID
  • Either with your triplet (combination of three numbers known by you only) :
  • Your National register/ BIS number
  • Your identity card number
  • Your SIS card number

Frequently asked questions

You will find here the most frequently asked questions about your registration on the portal.