The environment: surfers leading by example

Seventeen surf clubs along the Belgian coast are taking concrete measures in the fight against waste:

  • banning plastic straws and spoons
  • limiting individual packaging
  • using reusable cups
  • giving out ashtrays to holidaymakers
  • no-smoking areas
  • distributing the "Proper Strange Zak" bag, which people can take with them when walking on the beach, to collect waste and then take to one of the surf clubs

Globally, an average of 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the sea every year. This equates to one full truck of waste every minute. In the summer months, pollution levels in our seas increase. Waste in the sea needs to be tackled at all levels: prevention, awareness raising and checks to ensure laws are being respected. In this quest, cooperation is vital. From the local to the international level: the sea starts with you!