When will you receive the 100 EUR heating premium ?

The premium is awarded automatically between 18 April and 31 July 2022and will be clearly stated on your electricity supplier’s bill. Look for "federal heating premium/ prime chauffage fédérale " on your bill.

The files are being processed and this will last until the end of July 2022. 

Until then, monitor your electricity bills to see if you have received your 100 EUR premium. If you have not received the premium by 1 August 2022, you will have to claim it from the FPS Economy:

  • via the online form that will be made available to you from 1 August  
  • via the Contact Center after 1 August 

Applications for premiums may be submitted until 15 October 2022 at the latest. 

Please note that you should not call your supplier or the Contact Center of the FPS Economy before 1 August 2022. Before this date, they will not be able to process premium applications. 

More information on the website of the FPS Economy.