, your official guide to Belgium is your official guide to information about the Belgian government, to themes concerning civilians and to other information about Belgium.

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Weather forecast

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Select one of the three periods below to display below the forecast for this period.
  • Coast 21 °C cloudy, dry
  • Centre 25 °C overcast or very cloudy, risk of rain or showers
  • Ardennes 23 °C overcast or very cloudy, dry
  • Coast 19 °C variable cloudiness, dry
  • Centre 23 °C variable cloudiness, dry
  • Ardennes 20 °C variable cloudiness, dry
day after tomorrow
  • Coast 23 °C variable cloudiness, dry
  • Centre 24 °C variable cloudiness, dry
  • Ardennes 21 °C variable cloudiness, dry

Speech of H.R.M. the King for Christmas and New Year

Watch the video and read the text of this speech.

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Federal authorities launch First World War commemoration website

logo 14-18

The Belgian federal authorities have launched www.be14-18.beExternal link, the official website commemorating the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War in Belgium.

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'Coming2Belgium' provides information about social security

Anyone planning to live, work or study in Belgium can now use the new Coming2Belgium tool to find all relevant information about their social security rights and obligations. The tool has been developed for foreigners planning to live in Belgium for a long time and for Belgians returning home after an extended stay abroad.

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