Coming to study in Belgium

Conditions of entry into Belgium

Are you looking for information about the conditions and procedures for entry onto Belgian soil? The FPS Foreign Affairs can help you. It can also provide information regarding residence in Belgium as a European or non-European student.

Education in Belgium

Belgium is a federal state composed of three communities and three regions. Education is the responsibility of the Flemish, French and German-speaking Communities. 

Information on studying in the Flemish Community
Information on studying in the French Community

Which language?

The three national languages are Dutch, French, and German. Do you want to study in and improve your knowledge of one of these languages?
Most of the universities have a Language Centre at which you can study French or Dutch courses as a foreign language. The social promotion institutes  also offer a number of courses with classes at differing times of the day.

Would you prefer to follow your course in your first language? In that case, make your choice from a range of European and international schools in Brussels. There are other such schools in Flanders and in Wallonia. For more information, consult the Ploteus portal database. Many schools and universities in Belgium offer courses in English.

Study and training grants

There are a number of programmes enabling researchers and those from developing countries to come to study in Belgium or to complete an internship here. 

Opportunities for study and training grants from the Belgian Science Policy Office.
Opportunities from the Belgian Department for Development Cooperation.

European programmes

All students from a Member State of the European Union have the opportunity of studying in another country thanks to various European programmes.