Keep your smartphones secure: "OK is not always OK!"

Having a smartphone in your pocket is now the most common thing there is, among both young and old. The number of applications as well as the uses we are making of them on a daily basis are multiplying. This is where criminals and fraudsters come in: they are increasingly developing viruses specifically designed to target mobile devices and go on the attack.

But prevention is possible, and simple: only download applications from official app stores.

You can also secure your smartphone by following these tips:

  • Always be very careful when you receive an email or text message asking you to download an app. If you download an app through an insecure app store, it's likely to be dangerous or even a virus.
  • Is your smartphone telling you that the app you're trying to install isn't trustworthy? Then stop the installation immediately.
  • Installing an app often requires access to other data, such as your photos, contacts or location. Allow this access only if this data is necessary and useful for the app's use.
  • Are you being asked to perform updates? Then don't delay in doing so.

The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium and the Cybersecurity Coalition, with more than 500 other partners, are mobilized to fight against criminals, and to grab your attention with the campaign slogan: "OK is not always OK!"