The Walloon Region

The Walloon Region has a legislative assembly, the Walloon Parliament. It has 75 members who are directly elected by universal suffrage for a five-year term.

The members of the Walloon Parliament vote on decrees. These are the laws of the Region. They also exercise supervision over the Government of the Walloon Region, also known as the Walloon Government.

The 75 elected representatives of the Walloon Parliament, as already mentioned, are also members of the French Community Parliament, together with 19 French-language elected representatives of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The executive power lies with the Walloon Government. It consists of a maximum of nine Ministers, including the Minister-President. These ministers can also be ministers in the Government of the French Community.

The other Regions of our country are the Brussels-Capital Region and the Flemish Region.

Both the Parliament and the Ministry of the Walloon Region have their own information service and an official web site.

Composition of the Walloon Regional Government (fr)

Composition of the Walloon Parliament (fr)


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