logo Your EuropeAt administrative level, marriage is synonymous with changes. It may therefore be interesting to find out what Belgian law stipulates for marriage.

What are the legal requirements for getting married, for example? What are the formalities to be followed in Belgium?

Maybe you want to get married abroad? Please be aware that other rules apply.

The calculation of taxes is also different after marriage. It may also depend on the matrimonial property regime you have chosen. Check with a notary beforehand whether it is necessary to draw up a marriage contract or not.

You can find all the information on tax returns for married people on the website of the Federal Public Service for Finance (FPS Finances).

Authority responsible 


If you have any question, please contact the civil registrar in your municipality.

Contact for municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region (FR). 

Contact for municipalities of the Flemish Region (NL).  

Contact for municipalities in Wallonia (FR). 

Legal requirements provided by the authority responsible : FPS Justice.   

Updated on 23 october 2023


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