Public Transport



You can find all the information you need about train transport in Belgium on the SNCB website. This includes information on timetables, domestic connections and international rail links. You can also buy your train tickets online at this website.



The bus is a convenient means of travel and the network covers a wide area not served by other forms of public transport. The bus routes in Belgium are handled by 3 different companies: De Lijn (in Dutch), TEC and STIB.

De Lijn is responsible for the Flanders network, while TEC handles bus travel in Wallonia. The STIB buses cover the Brussels metropolitan area.

Tram - metro

Tram and metro are the ideal means to get around in the city. They encounter little or no hindrance from other forms of traffic and bring you safely and quickly to numerous destinations in the city.

You can travel by tram in the cities of Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Charleroi. You can travel along the entire coast by taking the coast tram (in Dutch).

The metro is currently only available in Brussels. The metro forms part of the STIB network together with the bus and tram services of the Brussels metropolitan area.


Taxis are primarily run by private companies but there are standard regulations for taxis. The companies can fix their own rates within the maximum rates prescribed by law.
You can find a comprehensive overview of this service on the Brussels metropolitan area taxi service website.

All the information contained on this website refers exclusively to Brussels metropolitan area taxi services. In other parts of the country, the companies may have different methods of operating.